First Class Securities Ltd.
Complaint Management Process

At First Class Securities we deeply value our customers. We make our best effort for you to have the best client experience possible. In case you are facing any problems while using our products and services, we would like to hear from you.

When to contact First Class Securities?

You can feel free to make an inquiry if you are facing any of the following:

1)Any grievance relating to acts and omissions of the First Class Securities with a period of three months;

2) Any functionality or service issues while using products offered by First Class Securities;

3) General recommendations and inquiries;

How to contact First Class Securities?

You can submit your complaint by contacting us Via e-mail at and we will review it within 1-5 business days. When sending us a message make sure you include the following:

1) Your legal name and surname if you are filing the complaint as a natural person;

2) Your business name and registration number if you are filing the complaint as a legal


3) In-detail description of the issue at hand which at minimum should include time when

the issue occurred and the nature of the issue.

4) Any other information that we might find helpful when answering your complaint;

What is going to happen?

After we have received your complaint we will try to provide you with a solution as fast as possible. However, the complaint processing usually can take up to 5 business days. When initiating the complaint process you can expect the following:

1) As your ticket will be processed you will receive a confirmation message that we have seen and started to work with your issue;

2) If necessary, we will make additional inquiries in order to gather necessary information for complaint processing;

3) Process the complaint and provide you with a verdict;

4) If requested, we will provide you with a copy of the complaint management process


What will the complaint management process produce?

After First Class Securities has investigated the complaint you will receive one of the following verdicts;

1) Your complaint has been approved;

2) Your complaint was rejected and First Class Securities can not provide you with your requested remedies.